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On the following pages you'll find many real weddings, wedding stories, photography stuff, tech talk, post┬şprocessing, wedding vendors and a lot of stuff from my work and private life as a wedding photographer.


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Wedding in Idstein - Lots of Love, Industrial flair and DIY

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
Mara and Danny had a wedding like no other! Corona had ruined their original plans, but that couldn't stop them. So they had this beautiful, intimate celebration in Idstein - with a free wedding ceremony in their parents' garden, BBQ and lovely DIY details. The light was perfect, the party lasted well into the night and everyone had a great time. A wedding with a lot of heart and even more character.

Tuscany Destination Wedding - Getting married in Italy

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
An unforgettable wedding in Tuscany - with a free wedding ceremony in the park, wedding photos under the Italian sun, great cuisine, fireworks and a hot pool party until late in the summer night - ...

Cameras and lenses for wedding photography | Update 2022

| Dirk Weber | Tech
Numbers, data, facts - for everyone who wants to know: Wedding photography with Olympus - a look at almost 390,000 photos from 6 years (mainly wedding photography) reveals which cameras and lenses...

#bestnine2021 - My 2021 Wedding Season

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
2021 - another wedding season in times of Corona. Many weddings, but little desire for Instagram. This blog post will show you that there was still a lot to see.

Elopement on the Suspension Bridge - a Mountain Wedding in Austria

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
A mountain wedding at 2,400m - what originally started as a crazy idea turned into a magical free wedding on the suspension bridge at the Olpererh├╝tte in Tyrol. The Instagram hotspot in the Zillertal Alps is without question a fantastic photo location. We didn't expect that we would be so lucky with the making this idea reality.
Brautrausch Magazine

The most popular posts over the past 12 months

What is a Tiny Wedding?

| Dirk Weber | Wedding KnowHow
Tiny weddings, microweddings and corona weddings - small weddings are trendy. And they are an interesting alternative to the big wedding celebration even without a pandemic. Find out what the Tiny Weddings are all about and whether such a small wedding is also an option for you.

A Wedding in Bad Nauheim and Frankfurt

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
A civil wedding in the Bad Nauheim drinking spa and a wedding celebration in the Dicken Butz in Frankfurt's Ostend

#bestnine2020 - my 2020 on Instagram

| Dirk Weber | Misc
2020, what year you have been... Not! Wedding photography in times of Corona, what was different and why are there no 2020 pics among the BestNine2020 - the images with the most likes on Instagram...

Elopement in New York

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
On the road with a wedding in New York - we accompany Sonja and Markus on their elopement in the exciting metropolis. Breathtaking wedding photos in Manhattan, a wedding ceremony in Central Park, a...

Multitasking is Essential / Wedding Photography Secrets #7

| Dirk Weber | Wedding Photography Secrets
Wedding photographers do a lot at the same time - preliminary talks and coffe...

Wedding in Bad Homburg near Frankfurt - Celebration in the Park

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
Getting married in Bad Homburg, with relaxed getting ready at the Steigenberg...

10 Years of Wedding Photography in Ireland - That's How it Began

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
It was almost exactly 10 years ago in July 2020 when I had my first after-wedding-session in Ireland - together with an awesome bridal couple from Frankfurt. At that point it was not foreseeable that I would photograph weddings in ireland on a regular basis one day. ...

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An Olympus wedding photographer goes Sony

| Dirk Weber | Tech
You will hardly believe what happens then! Sounds like clickbait? It is. A bit. For those who have little time, the short version follows: The Sony got bought, was used at a good 15 weddings and w...

Wedding at Saareck Castle in Mettlach

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
Sophie's and Ren├ę's wedding at Saareck Castle (Schloss Saareck), the guesthouse of renowned German company Villeroy & Boch's - with wedding photos in the park, at the Saar river, some great speeche...

What does Elopement mean?

| Dirk Weber | Wedding KnowHow
If you are concerned with weddings and occasionally roam the internet, you will come across the term "elopement" at some point. Elopement? Do you need that? And what is that anyway?

Light is all that counts / Wedding Photography Secrets #6

| Dirk Weber | Wedding Photography Secrets
Available light photography sounds easy. Work with what's there. But that doesn't always work. Sometimes it's simply too dark. So how can wedding photographers cope with insufficient, bad or boring light?Well, you do what you do all the time in wedding photography: improvise! We simply take "Available Light" literally.
Hugo der Watz - Hochzeitsfotografenhund und Spezialist f├╝r Reisen und Ausfl├╝ge mit Hund

Do you actually know Hugo and his travel blog?

| Dirk Weber | Misc
Some of you have probably already found out that Hugo is the "Watz" who is mentioned here again and again. But did you also know that Hugo has his ...

Same Sex Wedding at "Blaues Wasser Frankfurt"

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
Boys' love in Frankfurt - an awesome same sex wedding in a beach club in Frankfurt, Germany - with loads of wedding photos in the harbour district ...

#bestnine2019 - my 2019 on Instagram

| Dirk Weber | Misc
A packed year is coming to an end. And once again it was worth it. We had a great time and a lot of awesome photos. Here it comes, a little review ...

Tiny Wedding at Schlosshotel Kronberg

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
You don't have to celebrate big to have a beautiful wedding; it can often be much nicer to celebrate in a small circle and only with your loved ones - for example at the Tiny Wedding of Todorka and Amer at Schlosshotel Kronberg

Getting married in Germany

Weddings in Frankfurt and Beyond

Germany is an awesome wedding destination - for elopements as well as big weddings. Especially the area around Frankfurt offers unlimited possibilities for your wedding: Big city lights in Frankfurt, beautiful spa towns alongside the hills of the Taunus, lovely vinyards and fantastic castles overlooking green valleys. Beautiful wedding venues within minutes from Germany's biggest airport.

Perceived Truth about ISO / Wedding Photography Secrets #5

| Dirk Weber | Wedding Photography Secrets
What is it actually about ISO values in wedding photography, why it's all a question of perspective and what really matters #weddingphotographysecrets

Irish Wedding in Connemara

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
Of a Limerick man who lost his heart to a Galway girl - that's the wedding of Babs and Paul. The West of Ireland is sort of a second home to me. Ag...

Of Wedding Photographers and Squirrels

| Dirk Weber | Wedding KnowHow
The wedding high season is about to begin. And so the average wedding photographer is leaving his wintering grounds, where he has spent the off sea...

Wedding at Weidenmuehle Winery

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
I've been looking forward to the wedding of Rike & Bj├Ârn for a very long time...

What is a Photobooth!?

| Dirk Weber | Wedding KnowHow
Ultimately, the Photobooth is just the logical continuation of the golden pic...

#bestnine2018 - my 2018 on Instagram

| Dirk Weber | Misc
It was a good one, this 2018. Below the line. Especially from the photographic point of view. So here it is, my little look back on 2018, with my "...

Rainy Day Wedding Photos / Wedding Photography Secrets #4

| Dirk Weber | Wedding Photography Secrets
Your big day and it's raining. Bad luck for your wedding photos. Naaah. Not really. Some raindrops won't kill you. But they make a beautiful backdr...

Wedding at Villa Rothschild

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
A wedding at one of the places with the most wonderful views in the whole Frankfurt area - an outdoor wedding ceremony and a great party at a histo...

Whitebalance from Hell / Wedding Photography Secrets #3

| Dirk Weber | Wedding Photography Secrets
Colourful LED light and wedding photography - it makes great atmosphere on the dancefloor, but it will stress you during postproduction. So what shall we do?

Well, it depends ...

Do you want to start early in the morning? Or do you prefer a ceremony in the afternoon? Are you happy with photos until the first dance? Or do you want photos as long as you are awake?

Maybe your wedding plans are so extraordinary I can't even imagine?

March 2018 was quite Irish

| Dirk Weber | Misc
RETROSPECT MARCH 2018 - A wedding in Ireland, the launch of heiraten-in-irlan...

A Fairy Tale Wedding at Hofgut Georgenthal

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
They wanted a fairy tale wedding. And that's what they got. 'Nuff said. There...

Daylight is Overrated / Wedding Photography Secrets #2

| Dirk Weber | Wedding Photography Secrets
Wedding day, traffic jam and the bridal couple is late for the wedding portraits and daylight is already gone. Apocalypse or big chance? Make an ed...

Wedding at Grenzhof Heidelberg

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
A wonderful wedding with wonderful weather - a ceremony in Edenkoben and a legendary party on the evening...

Wedding Portraits in less than 20 Minutes? / Wedding Photography Secrets #1

| Dirk Weber | Wedding Photography Secrets
Schedule blown, dinner already waiting and no portraits yet - so what's to do? No problem if you've got a motivated couple and some nice evening li...

#bestnine2017 - my 2017 on Instagram

| Dirk Weber | Misc

An exciting year is about to end. But before we move on to 2018, let's have a look back on this year's #bestnine on Instagram.


Wedding at Brenners Park-Hotel&Spa, Baden Baden

| Dirk Weber | Weddings

A free ceremony in the park, an great party und awesome weddingportraits in under 20 minutes - there's nothing better than evening light...

About me

Why am I a wedding photographer? How do I take photos? Who is the Watz anyway? What's up with the unicorn? And what is actually my favorite whiskey? You can find out that and more here ...

Wedding at Fitz-Ritter Winery, Bad D├╝rkheim an der Weinstra├če

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
A wedding on the German Wine Street - a wonderful day, with a fantastic coupl...

Proposal in Frankfurt and Engagement Photos on the Top of the Maintower

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
A proposal in Frankfurt and engagement photos on top of the Maintower...

Wedding in Hanau, Castle Philippsruhe and Wilhelmsbad

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
A small wedding with big emotions. Romina and Martin had a midweek wedding with just a small weddingparty, but with wonderful sunny weather. Philip...

2016 - my little retrospect

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
At this weekend my wedding season 2017 will officially begin. But before that, l'll have a look back on 2016 which actually was better than it's re...

Classy Wedding at Schlosshotel Kronberg

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
A wedding documentary at Castle Friedrichshof - alias Schlosshotel Kronberg, a luxury wedding venue in the Rhine-Main area...

A Wedding in Wuerzburg - iconic church and baroque venue

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
A wedding in the impressive pilgrimage church of Maria Heimsuchung and a celebration in the garden pavilion of the Juliusspital - this wedding in Wuerzburg is something you should have seen. Above all, there was a lot of fun and wonderful moments.

Wedding at Gr├Ąflicher Park Grand Resort Bad Driburg

| Dirk Weber | Weddings

Two days of wedding - civil ceremony and wedding warmup, church, wellness and big party. It all starts on a sunny friday afternoon. Civil ceremony at the Hotel, "Game over" for Alexander but the beginning of something new and the start of a great weekend.

Wedding albums and coffee table books

Have you already met my Wedding Albums?

The finest coffee table books and exclusive wedding albums - classic bookbinding meets the most precious materials: Your wedding photos in unique books and albums, individual layouts and excellent print quality - the perfect place for your memories ...

Wedding at a Winery in Mauchenheim

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
A wedding ceremony in Kirchheimbolanden and reception at a nearby winery. Som...

Same-Sex wedding at Schlosshotel Kronberg

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
From Miami-Beach to Kronberg im Taunus - two grooms, groomsmen and three brid...

Wedding at the Romantic Hotel Schloss Rettershof

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
A free wedding ceremony under trees, canola fields and sunshine. In the middle of the Taunus region, halfway between K├Ânigstein and Kelkheim, there...

Wedding at Burg Schwarzenstein, Rhinegau

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
One of the most beautiful locations to get married in the Rhinegau area certainly is Burg Schwarzenstein. Also for Julia's and Arndt's wedding this...

My Wedding Photo of the Year 2015

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
As a wedding photographer you are often asked if there are wedding photos that are special to you. That's why I chose my personal wedding photo of ...

Goodbye 2015, hello 2016!

| Dirk Weber | Weddings

When looking back at 2015 and the 2015 wedding season you ideally feel something like pride. Both on what you experienced, but also on what one has created. 2015 did well so far. ;)

An Aran Island Elopement

| Dirk Weber | Weddings

We're in no hurry and spend our time waiting by the fireplace in the bar for the weather to clear up. For the ceremony we move on to the Teampall Chiaráin, the ruins of an old monastery from the 12th century. That's where the unique and intimate ceremony begins...

Brautrausch na hÉirean

Wedding Photos in Ireland

Getting married in Ireland. That's big Irish weddings with loads of guests and awesome party or intimate elopements on remote locations - just the bridal couple, a priest and the wonderful Irish landscape. Ireland boasts fantastic opportunities for your wedding and your wedding photos. Wild Atlantic Weddings - that's wedding photos on the Irish coast and all over the country, mountains and the sea,

Wedding at Gutshof Wilsickow in the Uckermark

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
"Uckermark? Where's that?" With that question everything began. And what should I say? It was well worth finding out!

Wedding at the 'Kleine Residenz am Schloss'

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
Hochheim am Main, Arcadian old-town, vineyards - only minutes away from Wiesbaden, Mainz or Frankfurt, with Opel and airport just around the corner...

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2015

| Dirk Weber | Misc
A great St. Patrick's Day to all of you! 2015 is going to be an exciting year for us at Brautrausch and for all of you thinking about getting marri...

Wedding at V├Âlkershausen Manor

| Dirk Weber | Weddings

When Anna and Alexander told me about their weddings plans, I did not know then that this was going to be one of my biggest and most beautiful weddings of the last years....

Wild Wedding at Schlosshotel Kronberg

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
Castle, mariachis and sparklers for their wedding - everybody should have this!  Well, not necessarily. However everything at the wedding of J...

Of dreams, budgets and pink unicorns

| Dirk Weber | Wedding KnowHow
Your wedding belongs to you! Wedding inspiration is everywhere and ideas and possibilities are endless. Great for us photographers...

Wedding at Kloster Hornbach

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
One day many many years ago Maria caught the bridal bouquet. That was in April 2004 in some park in San Francisco. Maria finally has followed the "...

Irish wedding with "whimsical vintage feel"

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
Over 20 years ago, I visited Ireland for the first time - by bike and big parts on foot. Today that would be a bit different though, but my passion for the small country in the wild west of Europe , however, is still unbroken...

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Wedding at Trinkkuranlage Bad Nauheim

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
New Year's resolutions are for beginners only. So let's forget about them and have a look at a wonderful wedding reportage in and around the histor...

Photobag diet | One year of mirrorless wedding photography

| Dirk Weber | Tech
One year of weddings with an Olympus OM-D and the insight, that you don't need to carry a big camera for great wedding photos. Find out how all tha...

Wedding Bolongaro Palace, Frankfurt-Hoechst

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
 Midday sun simply is evil. And therefore we wedding photographers most of the time are extremely grateful for clouds of any kind. So here com...

Wedding at Fitz-Ritter's Winery, Bad D├╝rkheim

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
No news that it's beautiful on the wine route in Rhineland-Palatinate. But if...

A Three Day Wedding on the Costa del Sol

| Dirk Weber | Weddings
Since springtime here in Germany still leaves much to desire here's something...
| Dirk Weber | Weddings

ISPWP Wedding Photography Contest Winter 2012 - Top 20 Ranking

What do wedding photographers do during the supposedly quiet off-season? Long overdue wedding albums, meetings with bridal couples, getting first n...
| Dirk Weber | Weddings

Wedding at Villa Rothschild and Kleine Residenz Hochheim

On a perfect day in October, Janet and Robert tied the knot in a free wedding ceremony by Thomas Hoffmann in the rooms of Villa Rothschild in K├Ânig...
| Dirk Weber | Weddings

Wedding at Burg Schwarzenstein on the River Rhine

Lydia and Stefan had me as their wedding photographer in 2010 - a civil ceremony virtually on my doorstep in Bad Homburg and finally a beautiful fr...
| Dirk Weber | Misc

Forest Secrets - Wedding Dresses and Strong MakeUp

Before my first weddings this year got on their way, I had the chance for some experiments in March. As a kind of a warm-up for the wedding season...
| Dirk Weber | Misc

Two Girls and the PEN - A Mirrorless Photoshoot

A few weeks ago I had the chance for a little photoshoot with Miriam and Lena. Around Frankfurt's 'Batschkapp' music hall there was a lot to discov...
| Dirk Weber | Weddings

Vintage Wedding at Hofgut Georgenthal

So here they are, lots of pictures from Desiree's and Ilker's wedding at the wonderful Georgenthal Estate right in the middle of the Taunus' hills ...
| Dirk Weber | Tech

A Compact Camera Shoot | Work with really light gear

Why always carry big DSLRs? And why not just shoot with a compact camera? Well, let's give it a try!
| Dirk Weber | Weddings

Wedding in Frankfurt's Botanic Gardens

Since I am currently on holiday in the Allgaeu region - summer break so to speak - here's just a few words about my last wedding. There's no need t...
| Dirk Weber | Weddings

Wedding in San Francisco, 2004 | My First Time in Wedding Photography

Once upon a time, in April 2004... No, this is not a fairy tale. But a few days ago I was sitting together with some colleagues and we were talking...
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