Wedding photography 2015

Goodbye 2015, hello 2016!

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Wedding photography 2015

The year draws to a close - time for a retrospection

When looking back at 2015 and the 2015 wedding season you ideally feel something like pride. Both on what you experienced, but also on what one has created. 2015 did well so far. ;)
My plan for that year was to slow down, to reorganize lots of things and try a lot of new things too.

Here the at Brautrausch in Bad Homburg was a lot of renovation. And couples who come to talks in 2016 may look forward to not only having a good coffee, but also hav everything look nicely.
Since a few months at the next desk sits Saja. We don't only share our lives, but also our passion for photography. Have a look at her work:
And no, even though Saja and ma are sharing our home and office, we will still continue to do weddings seperately. Different styles, different approaches, just not our concept.
As a solo photographer at weddings you simply dig much deeper into the action, more discreet, more intimate, simply better. But in everyday life, the mutual inspiration, however, is unspeakably precious and a real asset.

With the inspiration on the two desks away, but otherwise, a lot has happened in my photography.

There is a new album line in cooperation with a bookbinder here in the Taunus area, picture frames from South Africa, our new engraved Brautrausch USB flashdrives, the possibility to print FineArt prints up to 40x60cm or panoramic formats here in our office and finally, nifty online galleries for all.
We were at a preliminary in NYC with coffee and bagels (and for some video), under the title "WeddingSnowUp" we came together with some Austro-German photographer colleagues in Tyrol, we were in Holland and I dusted off my old Hasselblad in Vienna.
I had two incomparable Weddings in Ireland and many more in Germany, partners or whole Couples came from the USA, from Croatia or China, from Korea and Ukraine, from Indonesia, Denmark, England and of course from Ireland. There were weddings in Schleswig Holstein as well as around the corner at the Schlosshotel Kronberg. And each one of them was fantastic. There were German traditions, Chinese customs and Celtic rites. Some of the pics you've already seen on Facebook and much is yet to come. Even here on the blog.

2016 also looks like it's going to be a good year.

Weddings in Ireland are back there, but also here in the region, in Hamburg, in Berlin and in the Palatinate. In January we're heading for the United States for a few days off in the Pacific Northwest and Mystic Seminars in Portland - five days motivation with some of the very big names in the wedding industry - like Fer Juaristi, Frank Boutonnet or the Chrismans.

And now I'm going to pack my bags. Tomorrow I'll be flying to Ireland again - for my first wedding of the year, on the Atlantic coast of New Year. I will report.

Happy New Year!

P.S. And if you like to visit us in 2016 there's always a good coffee (or Whisky or Cider or ...)


 Brautrausch Hochzeitsfotografie - Rückblick 2015

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