Hi! I'm Mr. Brautrausch.
Nice to meet you!

About Me

Dirk Weber aka Mr. Brautrausch, Wedding Photographer in Germany and Ireland
Mr. Brautrausch

Your Wedding Photographer

Hi! I'm Dirk, the curly head behind Brautrausch Wedding Photography.
My home is Bad Homburg - a pretty town in the heart of Germany, with a view of the skyline of the banking metropolis of Frankfurt in one direction and of the Hochtaunus nature park in the other.
That's were I live together with my wife Saja, our dog Hugo and the two cats Clio and Peanut.
By the way, Saja is a wedding photographer too. So if you are not happy with what you find here, have a look at her work. So your wedding could at least stay in the family. ;)
With more than 15 years of wedding photography and a solid track record, you may call me an old hand in wedding documentaries. And for these, I'll travel all over Germany, a lot of great places in Europe - and quite frequently in Ireland.
Because I love Ireland. And I love my home. I love Saja. And I love our pets, spring, travel and adventure. I love summer, mountains and the sea, autumn, thunderstorms and gummybears, winter, snowboarding and a fine single-malt. And I love photography.

Good Wedding Photography Tells a Story

With wedding photos from Brautrausch, it’s all about stories from your big day - about your story. And wherever possible, such stories should be told as they happen.

They involve plenty of emotion, fun and energy. It’s all about capturing feelings, all the big and small moments and the many details that make your big day. It’s about photos that not only document but become part of your story and tell it from the inside.

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*Brautrausch [braʊtraʊʃ]
German word, made-up from the words 'Braut' (=bride) and 'Rausch' (= a state of ecstasy), referring to especially the bride's ecstatic mood on the wedding day, but may as well be used for the groom.


Brautrausch stands for wedding photos with passion and real emotion, an eye for that something special, sprinkled with new perspectives, unique, creative, yet always uncomplicated. Wedding photography that is vibrant and real.

At your wedding, the focus should be you, not the fact that you are “being photographed”! Your guests, your celebration, your moments, what you make of it and take away from it. With that in mind, the heart of your wedding photos will always a vibrant wedding reportage, where I do as little “scene setting” as possible. The glamour and action develop on the sidelines, without really impacting your day, and often without you even noticing.

You don’t need sunshine, parks or castles for good photos. They are created in your head, from the ability to work with what you have, to give in to it, to vary and improvise in order to make the best of it. The idea is not to plan, but to be open to life, let it in and always be discovering something new.

Let's have a start!

Brautrausch Sneak Peek

A Virtual Visit to our Office


Right here are about 25 nice bottles, mostly from Scotland and Ireland. And you as a friendly visitors are invited to taste. And if those 25 bottles are to boring for you, there are 50 more waiting on the upper floor, including my favourite - one of only 311 bottles "Fisherman's Jacket", a wonderful 30year old Caol Ila from 1982.


This shelf is occupied by one of our Hasselblad 500Cs - a bit clumsy and touchy, but with the most wonderful shutter sound and of course great look of her images. She's come a long way from Nevada. And if you believe the story, she was the very camera that was used bei William "Bill" Hewlett (yes, one of the HP founders) to photograph flowers in the sixties.


Here they are, loads of sample albums and coffee-table books, for you to view and touch. Paper- and printing-options, layflat or classic binding, cover material like leather, linen, acrylic glass and a lot more.


At this table I will show you wedding photos and will explain, why you'll get the best wedding photos here at Brautrausch. And it seems I'm quite convincing.


With this black beauty we're able to produce fine-art-prints up to DIN A2 in amazing quality. Our favourite paper currently is Hahnemühle PhotoRag - it feels fantastic.


She's the most important employee in our office - our coffee-machine. No photos without coffee, you know!? Of course you'll get one too if stop by. Currently we're brewing a black "Gorilla".


Doolin, County Clare, my second home, in the wild wild West of Ireland. From there I head off to Irish weddings and roadtrips. And that's where I met Saja.


She's the diva in the office. Her castle is upstairs and she won't leave it very often. Mostly she's muttering from above and - despite her sweet looks - can me very annoying.


He's a Spanish charmer and our most faithful family member. With his crazy ear he breaks everybody's hearts. And if he's in good mood, he'll bring you his sheep.

Mr. Brautrausch

That's my place - at the chaotic desk, hidden in the corner (so nobody sees the chaos). There I'll work in Lightroom and Photoshop and care for your photos - preferably after dark.


This is Saja's desk - the cleaner one. That's where she does the magic with her wedding photos, but also with business photography and her other admirable projects. Hugo often sits under that table - and sometimes even ON it.


He's head of the office. The best place in the room belongs to him. If he likes something, he's going to sit on it. And as you can see, he likes our wedding albums.


Here is our unicorn. It's our faithful consultant and biggest critic.

Why we have an unicorn in our office? Because we can. And as everybody knows unicorns are wedding experts. 

You don't see the unicorn? No problem. You may not believe in unicorns, but the unicorns believe in you!

How about stopping by in real life? You're warmly invited!
Regenbogenherz - Liebe ist für alle da! We are proud to serve and support the LGBTQ+ community!

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