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Hi! I'm Mr. Brautrausch.
Nice to meet you!

About Me

Dirk Weber aka Mr. Brautrausch, Wedding Photographer in Germany and Ireland
Mr. Brautrausch

Your Wedding Photographer

Hello, I'm Dirk, the tousled head behind Brautrausch Wedding Photography.
I am based in Bad Homburg v.d.H. - a pretty town in the heart of Germany, the skyline of the banking metropolis Frankfurt in one direction and the Hochtaunus nature park in the other.

With over 18 years of experience in wedding photography and a solid track record, you may call me an "old hand" of wedding photojournalism - as well as all the colleagues with whom I work as a team. For your weddings we are all constantly on the road - here in the Rhine-Main area but also all over Germany, in many beautiful places in Europe and all over the world - and I personally quite often in Ireland.

Because I love Ireland. And I love my home and "the Watz", spring, travel and adventure. I love summer, mountains and the sea, autumn, thunderstorms and gummy bears, winter, snowboarding and a good single malt.

And I love photography.

Good Wedding Photography Tells a Story

With wedding photos from Brautrausch*, itÔÇÖs all about stories from your big day - about your story. And wherever possible, such stories should be told as they happen.

It's about emotion, fun and energy. It's about capturing your feelings, all the big and small moments and the many details that make up your day. It's about photos that don't just document, but become a part of your story and tell it from the inside.

Therefore it doesn't matter what your plans are, where and how you get married, whether big or small, soft and quiet or loud and wild, in Germany, in Ireland or anywhere in the world. As your wedding photographer I'll be there for you - as a solid rock when things gets stressful, always with a smile on my face.

Let me be part of your gang, give me your laughter and your tears. In return you get from me what I do best:

Weddingphotos. Simple. Relaxed. Awesome.

*Brautrausch [bra╩Őtra╩Ő╩â]
German word, made-up from the words 'Braut' (=bride) and 'Rausch' (= a state of ecstasy), referring to brides' often ecstatic mood on the wedding day, but does apply to partners of all genders, as well as to friends, family and anyone afiliated with the wedding.