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About "Mr. Brautrausch"

Good wedding photography tells a story.

With wedding photos from Brautrausch, it’s all about stories from your big day - about your story.
And wherever possible, these stories should be told as they happen. They involve plenty of emotion, fun and energy. It’s all about capturing feelings, all the big and small moments, and the many details that make up your big day. It’s about photos that not only document but become part of your story and tell it from the inside.

I am a wedding photographer.

I live in Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, a pretty town in the heart of Germany, with a view of the skyline of the banking metropolis of Frankfurt in one direction and of the Hochtaunus nature park in the other.

Now in my late thirties, after many years of doing wedding photography I can safely count myself as an “old hand” at wedding reportages. To do these, I not only travel around the region, but around the whole of Germany and to many beautiful locations in Europe and throughout the world.

I love my home, my three cats and my rescue dogs, spring, traveling and adventure, summer, the mountains and the sea, fall, storms and gummy bears, winter, snowboarding and a good single malt. And I love photography.


*Brautrausch [braʊtraʊʃ]
 German word, made-up from the words 'Braut' (= bride) and 'Rausch' (= a state of ecstasy),
 referring to especially the bride's ecstatic mood on the wedding day, but may as well be used for the groom.

Wedding photos with passion and real emotions, an eye for that something special, sprinkled with new perspectives, unique, creative, yet always uncomplicated. Wedding photography that is vibrant and real.

At your wedding, the focus should be you, not the fact that you are “being photographed”! Your guests, your celebration, your moments, what you make of it and take away from it. The heart of your wedding photos is, therefore, always a vibrant wedding reportage, where I do as little “scene setting” as possible. The glamour and action develop on the sidelines, without really impacting your day, and often without you even noticing.

You don’t need sunshine, parks or castles for good photos.

They are created in your head, from the ability to work with what you have, to give in to it, to vary and improvise in order to make the best of it. The idea is not to plan, but to be open to life, let it in and always be discovering something new.

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Let's have a start!

Dirk Weber - wedding photographer for brautrausch.de

Dirk Weber

Testimonials - what my couples say

"We could not have been happier with you and the work you did, you made everyone feel really comfortable and our family and friends loved hanging out with you! I’ve been asked by so many people who my photographer was, they were all amazed with your work!! Thank you so much!" Caitriona & Paudie, The Old Ground Hotel, Ennis, Co.Clare, Ireland


100% real weddings

There are loads of wedding photographers out there. And many of their websites look very promising at first glance. But good wedding reportages are far from being an easy thing. So better take a second look. Here at brautrausch.de you can rely on the following: When it says '100% real wedding' it IS a 100% real wedding...


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