• vintagewedding in Ireland, couple in front of red barn, vintage dress

    Brautrausch Wedding Photography

    Simple. Relaxed. Awesome.

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  • Weddingphoto at dawn, couple kissing with sunset

    Brautrausch Wedding Photography

    For weddings around Frankfurt
    and all over Germany...

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  • Adventure Wedding in the Austrian Alps - bride and groom kissing with a glacier lake backdrop

    Brautrausch Wedding Photography

    in Ireland and
    anywhere in the world.

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  • Weddingphoto in old German guesthouse - elope to Germany

    Brautrausch Wedding Photography

    Wedding photography
    that tells a story...

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  • weddingphoto, bride getting ready, details of her eyelashes

    Brautrausch Wedding Photography

    seeks those
    special moments...

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  • weddingphoto, little kid with granny's boobs in the background

    Brautrausch Wedding Photography

    and always is
    on the lighter side of life.

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  • weddingphoto black and white, couple with upcoming fog

    Brautrausch Wedding Photography

    For great wedding documentaries,
    wild elopements...

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  • Weddingphoto at dawn, couple with swans in morninglight

    Brautrausch Wedding Photography

    and silent intimate moments
    just for the two of you.

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    Brautrausch Wedding Photography

    Good Humoured Wedding Photographer
    for International Weddings and Wild Elopements
    Germany, Ireland and Worldwide


    Brautrausch [braʊtraʊʃ] is a German word, made-up from the words 'Braut' (= bride) and 'Rausch' (= a state of ecstasy), referring to especially the bride's ecstatic mood on the wedding day.

    So, whatever you are up to on your wedding day and no matter how ecstatic it will be, I'm going to be there, treasure your story and provide you with simply great wedding photography. I have more then a decade of wedding experience to share with you. I'll be your solid rock when things get stressful. I'm going to capture your tears and your laughter, be part of the gang, party hard and cover your wedding day in stunning photos - honest, natural and unobtrusive

    Can't wait to see you
    Dirk Weber



    Dirk Weber
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



    Brautrausch Portfolio

    Ready for Inspiration?

    Real weddings in Germany and all over the world:
    Here you'll find my personal favourites - single photos and a selection of full wedding documentaries - emotions, laughter and tears, wild party and silent moments - from getting ready until the music ends.



    What else can I do for you?

    About me and my wedding photography

    About me and my wedding photography

    How do I work? What's my philosophy as a wedding photographer? Which whisky is my favourite? Who is Hugo? And what about this unicorn? You'll find all the answers here.
    New Travel Dates 2019
    Wedding photography, Elopements and After-Wedding-Sessions in Ireland

    Wedding photography, Elopements and After-Wedding-Sessions in Ireland

    A wedding, engagement or after-wedding session in Ireland? I'll be there with you!

    Finest Wedding albums and coffee table books

    Finest Wedding albums and coffee table books

    Your memories in an unique album - classic craftsmanship, finest materials, individual layouts, best print quality, the perfect place for your memories
    Testimonials - what the couples say

    Testimonials - what the couples say

    Great wedding photography for really fine people - and here's the place for them to speak. Thank you!

    Brautrausch on Instagram

    Brautrausch on Instagram

    Check out my Instagram feed - a load of wedding photos and funny insights into a wedding photographer's life. Now also with Instagram stories. ;)

    More weddings...

    More weddings...

    New wedding photos, stories, opions and tips&tricks - from time to time new in the Brautrausch blog


    Already convinced? Great! Let's get in touch!



    Need more Inspiration? Meet the Brautrausch Journal:

    • What is a Photobooth!?

      Ultimately, the Photobooth is just the logical continuation of the golden picture frame that could be found a few years ago at almost every wedding. Studio flash, camera, remote trigger and a lot of crazy accessories - beards, sunglasses, wigs - these are the ingredients for a successful Photobooth

    • #bestnine2018 - my 2018 on Instagram

      It was a good one, this 2018. Below the line. Especially from the photographic point of view. So here it is, my little look back on 2018, with my "Best Nine" on Instagram.

    • Rainy Day Wedding Photos


      Life is not always sunny. But does that matter? No? With weddings it's exactly the same...

    • Wedding at Villa Rothschild

      A wedding at one of the places with the most wonderful views in the whole Frankfurt area - an outdoor wedding ceremony and a great party at a historical place...

    • Whitebalance from Hell


      Evening time at a random wedding. There's a lot of light set up for the party mood. Everything looks beautifully colourful. But then...

    • March 2018 was quite Irish

      RETROSPECT MARCH 2018 - A wedding in Ireland, the launch of heiraten-in-irland.de, St.Patrick's Day, (almost) attended an Irish wedding photography conference and another trip to Ireland...

    • A Fairy Tale Wedding at Hofgut Georgenthal

      They wanted a fairy tale wedding. And that's what they got. 'Nuff said. There's a lot of fairy tale in those pictures. Go ahead!

    • Daylight is Overrated


      Stuttgart Germany, rush hour. The plan: A short drive from the ceremony at Castle Solitude to Castle Rosenstein for dinner and before a few portraits in evening light...


    Last words before you go

    It's your wedding.
    And it's going to be legendary!

    No matter if you're already in the middle of the planning or you still don't have any clue what you'll be up to on your wedding - let's get in touch. I can offer inspiration from several hundred weddings over more than a decade of wedding photography. I'm sure we'll find something to inspire you. Leave me a message!


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