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Wedding Photography Secret #7

Multitasking is Essential / Wedding Photography Secrets #7

Multitasking is a crucial skill for wedding photographers

| Dirk Weber | Wedding Photography Secrets

Wedding photographers do a lot at the same time - preliminary talks and coffee, image editing for Netflix, dinner and Instagram. But even when working at weddings, many things happen at the same time that you have to take care of ...

As a wedding photographer you are used to doing several things at the same time: Telephone calls with potential couples while you are walking your dog; Image processing in Lightroom while Netflix is ​​running on the second monitor; the Instagram posting while stirring the pasta sauce; and and and.

That's a good thing, because at weddings, things always run parallel.

In the morning when getting ready, there are enchanting motifs with the bride. At the same time, two rooms down, the groom and groomsmen panic while trying to tie a bow tie. During the wedding, the bridesmaid's child crawls under the chairs of bride and groom, laughing, while a grandmother in the back rows cries with emotion. The party is raging on the dance floor, and not far away there is romantic togetherness. All motifs that belong in every wedding story. In addition, we're give tips for cell phone photos to guests or talk shop with Uncle Bob about the quality of his new Leica.

Photos from two perspectives and with two focal lengths at the same time are among the least of the challenges. Because when the going gets tough, wedding photographers are basically everything:

We are everywhere. We are invisible. And yet we are always present. We are animal tamers, psychologists, babysitters, photo coaches, heat ignorers, shamans and human shields, silent photographers, solid rocks and portrait-sessions-in-15-minutes-artist. We are what our bridal couples need. We are wedding photographers.


We are what our bridal couples need. We are wedding photographers.

wedding photography secret #7
Wedding photographer on duty - With two cameras he photographs the launch of wedding doves while a child docks on his leg.
In wedding photography, several things usually happen at the same time ... that keeps us wedding photographers awake.
Thanks to Verena for the documentary. :)

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