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Verena & Alex

A wedding in the spa gardens of Bad Homburg

Church ceremony in Gonzenheim, reception, dinner and party at Germany's oldest Golf Course

Bride and groom lying on bed in hotel room kissing, his shirt open, both with beer bottle in hand, Steigenberger Hotel Bad Homburg
Relaxed Getting Ready at the Steigenberger Hotel in Bad Homburg
Bride in wedding dress putting on a bracelet for her wedding

It's often said that there's no place like home. And as luck would have it, Bad Homburg is not only my home, but also the home of Verena and Alexander. Getting married in Bad Homburg was therefore an obvious idea for the two of them. And I had the great pleasure to be present at the wedding of the two as their wedding photographer.

Getting Ready with the Emperor

We meet for getting ready at the Steigenberger Hotel - directly at the Kurpark and only a few meters away from the later ceremony location. We have plenty of time and the two are extremely relaxed by bridal couple standards. So we have a first small portrait session in the room and in the spacious corridors of the hotel - always under the watchful eyes of the landgrave and the emperor.

Braut beim Ankleiden mit Freundinnen - Hochzeitsfotos Schloss Saareck

The video team is already waiting

For the wedding ceremony we drive the short distance to the church in Gonzenheim, where the wedding guests are already waiting for Verena and Alex. There we also meet Katharina and Daniel Haussmann, who have promised the couple a fantastic wedding film. The Hausmanns are a great video team and are one of those rare filmmakers with whom you harmonize perfectly as a photographer. So the collaboration that day once again is really fun.

Black and white image of a bride in her wedding dress looking nervously at the camera
On the last minutes the bride still gets somewhat nervous
Bridal couple waiting in front of the church, bride holding the wedding bouqet
Verena and Alex waiting for their wedding ceremony at the church
Interior of the protestant church of Bad Homburg Gonzenheim
Beautiful wedding ceremony with great music in Gonzenheim church
Bride and groom light the wedding candle in the protestant church in Bad Homburg Gonzenheim
Lighting of the wedding candle

Wedding ceremony in the protestant church in Bad Homburg Gonzenheim

Verena and Alex experience a beautiful wedding ceremony with outstanding musical accompaniment. So their initial nervousness gives way very quickly to happy, smiling faces. And at their YES finally no eye remains dry.

With horse and carriage to the park

When the two leave the church, not only are the guests already waiting there, but also the horse-drawn carriage that will take Verena and Alex across Bad Homburg to the champagne reception at the Golfhaus in the Kurpark.

Kissing bridal couple in front of the stairs of the protestant church in Gonzenheim, in the foreground a guitar player
Newly weds kissing on the church steps
Bride and groom backlit under the trees in Bad Homburg spa park
Wedding portraits in the spa park - like a trip to the forest

Wedding photos in the park

My favorite way to take wedding photos is to relax and take a little walk around the block together - and that's how I did it with Verena and Alex. The Golfhaus is located in the middle of the spa gardens of Bad Homburg - by the way, on the oldest golf course in Germany. After everyone has had a hearty toast and the guests are slowly making themselves comfortable in the sun, we take a short walk together through the historic park, which offers countless photo motifs. It doesn't always have to look like a park. Depending on the season, there are places that look like wildflower meadows or the deepest forest - all just a few steps away from the guests.


Black and white photo of Bride and groom kissing , wedding photos in spa park of Bad Homburgm Backlight under the trees in spa park of Bad Homburg
Best conditions for wedding photos
Bride and groom backlit looking at the camera, wedding photos in Bad Homburg spa park
Under the trees in the spa gardens of Bad Homburg ...
Bride and groom backlit looking at each other, wedding photos in Bad Homburg spa park
... there is good light at any time of day.
Bridal couple in black and white in front of Elisabethen fountain at Brunnenalle in Bad Homburg spa gardens
Classic wedding photo at the Brunnenallee in the spa park

Delicious food and great party

In the evening, everyone is spoiled in the Golfhaus restaurant and is then ready for the opening of the small dance floor. This is then also eagerly used by all guests.

Bridal couple in front of the evening illuminated golf house in the spa gardens of Bad Homburg
Bridal couple in front of the golf house illuminated at night
Brautpaar beim ersten Tanz auf der Hochzeit im Golfhaus Restaurant Bad Homburg
Menu cards and table decoration in Golfhaus Restaurant in Bad Homburg
Menu cards and table decoration at the golf house
Wedding guests in front of camper photobooth in Bad Homburg spa park
Camper Photobooth at work


Camper photobooth and champagne shower

In line with the mood, the photos in the Photobooth also develop further: Hidden in an oldie camper, you feel unobserved in front of the camera, which should be good for one or the other great shot. And finally, there's a group photo for the wild ones - with a champagne shower. ;)

Bride and groom kissing in front of old camper, night shot of wedding in Bad Homburg, Germany
A dream wedding day comes to an end

Wedding in the spa park in Bad Homburg - I like!

Quite apart from the fact that a job on your doorstep is always very practical, it's also simply fun here. Bad Homburg offers ideal opportunities for getting married. If you have something like that in mind, just get in touch. I will be happy to take the appropriate wedding photos.

Speaking of wedding photos - of course you can find many more pictures of Verena and Alex's wedding here.
Have fun browsing!

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Wedding photos in the spa gardens of Bad Homburg

Wedding ceremony in Gonzenheim, horse and carriage, wedding photos in the spa gardens, celebration at the Golfhaus, great party and happy people

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