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Wedding Photography Secrets

The Pro's Ultimate Secrets of Wedding Photography

Everyone can be a wedding photographer. Somehow. And somehow not. It is a very special area of photography, where pretty much all requirements from other fields come together. We need a bit of architecture photography, fashion and – of course - portrait photography, event photography – definitely -  sometimes it even has hints of doing a photo story in a war zone. Mix that all with a bit of psychology, the tasks of a wedding planner and simply being a solid rock. You’ll see that we can do everything. Somehow. And as we face that many different challenges, there are a lot of mysterious insights. And I’m about to share those insights with you here.

So here they are - true, uncensored and always to be taken with a grain of salt:
The secrets of wedding photography.

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Hochzeitsfotos bei Regen

Rainy Day Wedding Photos

Wedding Photography Secret #4 Rainy Day Wedding Photos Why bad weather is a chance for your wedding photos rather than a threat Bad weather is not a bad thing. At least not for wedding photos. Okay, you probably think, "Sure, that Mr.Brautrausch with all his Irish weddings. It's always raining in...

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Temperatur 50.000K, Tönung -150 - hier hat der DJ sein LED-Licht ausgepackt

Whitebalance from Hell

Wedding Photography Secret #3 Whitebalance from Hell Colourful LED Light and Wedding Photography Evening time at a random wedding. There's a lot of light set up for the party mood. Everything looks beautifully colourful. But then...That nice colourful light confronts wedding photographers with some...

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Wedding Photography Secrets - Wedding photos after the light is gone

Daylight is Overrated

Wedding Photography Secret #2 Daylight is Overrated When light is already gone and the couple is still out of sight Stuttgart Germany, rush hour. The plan: A short ride from the ceremony at Castle Solitude to Castle Rosenstein for dinner and before a few portraits in evening light. A decent plan....

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