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Wedding Photography Secrets #5

Perceived Truth about ISO / Wedding Photography Secrets #5

What is it actually about ISO values in wedding photography?

| Dirk Weber | Wedding Photography Secrets

What is it actually about ISO values in wedding photography, why it's all a question of perspective and what really matters #weddingphotographysecrets

ISO values - small numbers with great potential for controversy

It should correctly read potential for controversy among photographers. And as with most arguments, it is less about real facts than about perceived truths. To make things easier, let's separate the photographers into two camps - photographers in Internet forums and wedding photographers (regardless of whether on the Internet or with a gin and tonic at the bar). Then the different perceptions become very clear.

We all know the heated discussions in photography forums or Facebook groups about the noise behavior of cameras, about the maximum ISO values that one "dares" to use or from where the image noise becomes "simply intolerable". "I never go above ISO 200" and the like can be read there and you can admire test charts about decreasing dynamic ranges with increasing ISO numbers and talk shop about it with the respective group.

And then there is wedding photography. A moment ago you are still in the blazing sunshine, minutes later in the pitch-dark church or in the wine cellar, the bridal bouquet is not thrown in the spotlight on the dance floor, but on the unlit terrace under a moonless night sky. In short, as wedding photographers we are constantly turning the ISO wheel. And we just turn as far as we have to. And that can be really really far.

Here is the perceived truth about the identical, completely average wedding reportage from getting ready to the party:

Photographers in photo forums

Distribution of ISO values of an average wedding job from the perspective of photographers in photo forums on the Internet

Wedding photographers

Distribution of ISO values for the identical(!) wedding job from the perspective of wedding photographers


ISO is just the value that tells us wedding photographers how dark it was when a great moment was captured.

wedding photography secret #5

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