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Wedding Photography Secret #4

Rainy Day Wedding Photos / Wedding Photography Secrets #4

Why bad weather is more of an opportunity than a threat to your wedding photos

| Dirk Weber | Wedding Photography Secrets

Your big day and it's raining. Bad luck for your wedding photos. Naaah. Not really. Some raindrops won't kill you. But they make a beautiful backdrop for wonderful wedding photos.

Bad weather is not a bad thing. At least not for wedding photos. Okay, you probably think, "Sure, that Mr.Brautrausch with all his Irish weddings. It's always raining in Ireland so he's just used to that." That's only partly true. Sure, I do a lot of Irish weddings. And yes, Ireland has quite a few rainy does. But weather changes frequently during an Irish day. And often enough you'll just have to wait a few minutes in the pub for better weather. Not a bad thing, isn't it? But over here in continental Europe we are more consistent. Less time in pubs and slower changing weather conditions. So we depend on other solutions.

In terms of wedding photos bad weather is quite easy to handle. Compare it to an outdoor wedding ceremony for example - that will loose a lot more of it's charm when you move it inside. With wedding photos the need to improvise is an opportunity to be incredibly creative. Seeking for rain-safe alternatives will force you to leave your own comfort zone and create something new. Even just looking for a new location is inspiring: Be it the darkly lit indoor location, the bus stop next door or something else with a roof. There are wild experiments with flashes and artificial light - photos that would not be taken in good weather. Get out into nature under dense trees or just go for it with an umbrella. Or just without it...


Wedding photographers are not afraid of rain.
Rain is afraid of us.

wedding photography secret #4

Be daring! You're equipment is able to do that. And so are you. The only real risk is the couple's mood. If the bride and groom just see their dreamy sunset photos swept away by pouring rain, some psychological skill is needed. But remember, even your couples are not made of sugar. And with a cool couple you can safely plunge into the adventure. It is worth it ..

Here are two examples from last weekend. Completely rainy and sun already gone. The two (as well as myself) were completely wet afterwards. And happy. And this happiness was real. And it will persist.

bridal couple in the pouring rain - rainy day wedding photos
Wedding Portraits in the Rain
bridal couple in the rain with a lot of landscape
You'll just have to be faster than the raindrops

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