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Irish Wedding in Connemara

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Of a Limerick man who lost his heart to a Galway girl - that's the wedding of Babs and Paul. The West of Ireland is sort of a second home to me. Again and again I've spent a lot of time there in the last few years ...
Wedding photos in the hills of Connemara

The west of Ireland is like a second home to me. Again and again I've spent a lot of time there in the last few years - not only for personal reasons, but more and more also for weddings. Partly it's German couples with a passion for Ireland who want to get married there. But more frequently my couples are Irish. That means beautiful weddings with a lot of friends and relatives. Just like the wedding of Barbara (Babs) and Paul in Connemara.

Babs is from Mweenish Island, in the Southwest of Connemara, County Galway. And even if her job as an art teacher brought her far North to County Donegal, she is technically still a true Galway girl.

Paul is from Limerick in the southwest of Ireland. He is a graphic designer and real Limerick man. And so Paul struck the same fate like the guy in the famous Irish song: "So I took her hand and I gave her a twirl. And I lost my heart to a Galway girl." Luckily Babs' and Paul's story has a happier end than in the song.

These two are really great people whom I'm really happy to call friends now.
Go raibh maith agaibh - Thank you both for the great time!


Small disclaimer:

I've shot this wedding quite a while ago. But since it's been kind of a kickoff for many more Irish weddings and for the concept of Wild Atlantic Weddings, I just cannot keep these photos from you. And yes, there are loads of them. Stop crying.  ;)

A Morning in Ireland -
Getting Ready, Coffee and Hurling

We meet in Barbara's childhood home on Mweenish Island in southwestern Connemara. Here on Muigh-Inis, as the little island is called in Irish, spent a large part of her life. And only a few minutes from there, Paul proposed to her on the beach.

The house is already full of family and a whole team of hair-and-makeup people, looking after everybody. In the kitchen breakfast is prepared and coffee and gossip are waiting. In front of the house, the car is being washed and the dog is already chewing on the wedding decoration. An absolutely normal wedding morning.

The bridal bouquet and flowers for the bridesmaids have arrived
Babs getting ready in her childhood home on Mweenish Island

Paul - who has been perfectly briefed not to be late - is already dressed. Therefore the boys have plenty of time for a walk around the island, for a little hurling match and ... well, for Batman and the Minions. But see for yourself.

For Babs things are getting serious too. And with her way into the dress also her nervousness grows.

Groom, Groomsmen and ... eh ... socks
The pocket watch was a present from Babs - it's engraving says "Don't be late"

Church Ceremony in Carna

Paul and the boys are waiting on time at St. Mary's Church in Carna. And in the end, it's Babs who is too late. And even if Paul would happily tease her for that, an universal wedding rule applies here: "The bride is allowed to do anything she likes!"

Before the ceremony it's time to check the details
Serious business, you know!?

What follows is a wonderful wedding with the good-humored Father Brian Ă“ Fearraigh. Parts of it are in Irish language and I do not understand a word. But it sounds impressive and a little bit exotic.

During the ceremony, there are also a few gifts. Father Brian has brought what the two seem to need most: Canvas for Babs and her art class who is always short on supply. Any idea what he got for Paul? It's hair!

Ceremony in Irish language in the catholic St. Mary's Church in Carna

Stopover at the Pub for a Guinness

Outside the church we are greeted by totally inappropriate weather: clouds, rainy and wind. But who cares? For one thing, this is perfectly Irish. And on the other hand, there are certainly half a dozen pubs on the way to the party venue in Screebe - including Coyne's Bar in Kilkieran. At this very place we haven an unplanned stopover - to warm up again and get a the first Guinness officially tapped by the bride. That too is very Irish.

But then something happens that has never happened to me before ...

Wedding photos on with rain and muddy roads. Hell yeah!
There's always time for a Guinness

Wedding Couple on the Run

My bridal couple disappears without a trace. No joke. Suddenly the two are gone and nobody knows of their whereabouts. I had planned some wedding photos on the way to the venue with the hills of Connemara in the background.

So I jump in the car and chase into the direction of Screebe House. Halfway I spot their Bentley in the rearview mirror - parked on some muddy side track. Hard braking, shift in reverse gear and we take pictures - in the rain, while the bus and the various cars with weddings guests pass us by the top of the road. Weddings really are something like cat-herding.

Reception and Wedding Photos at Screebe House

Finally, we arrive at Screebe, a wonderful Victorian country house from the late 19th century. There we meet up with the already waiting guests for the reception.

And as the rain outside grows stronger, we enjoy the crackling peat fire and two musicians playing Irish traditionals. Time to kidnap Babs and Paul for some relaxed wedding photos around the house.

Connemara Smoked Salmon
Cozy reception with Irish Trad Session
Rain and wedding photos are a perfect match.
At least you have an excuse to snuggle up somewhere warm

Dinner and Party at the Marquee

Right afterwards, we join the guests at the marquee - that kind of an elaborate party tent offering a lot of space and a solid wooden floor for big dancing later on. After an excellent meal and speeches that were exceptionally good - emotional and entertaining - the time has come. Babs and Paul have their first dance to the music of a fantastic live band. And they all dance the night away.

Meanwhile the rain has stopped. But at that point, nobody bothers anyway. And so a wedding in Connemara comes to an end. For today.

Great and extraordinary heartful speeches
Wedding at the Marquee
Cold rain outside, hot party inside
First dance with lots of love and emotion

After Wedding Session in the Hills of Connemara

We meet again for breakfast on the next morning. Together we will have an extensive after-wedding-session across the South of Connemara. But first coffee.

From thereon we have wedding photos on Irish roads, near lakes and between hills. We meet sheep and donkeys and we experience sun, wind and rain.

Wedding photos on irish streets
intimate moments on the lakeshore
Having fun is absolutely allowed
There are clouds and rain on the horizon. Time to get really close.

And in the end, we're back on the island where it all started - on the beach at Mweenish Island. This is where it all began. Here Babs got Paul's marriage proposal back then. And here our photo session comes to an end.
But the story of Babs and Paul goes on of course ...

Die Danksagung der beiden. Ein Dank, den ich nur zurĂ¼ckgeben kann.

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Wedding Photos in Connemara

A Wedding on Mweenish Island,
in Carna, Kilkieran and Screebe

Getting Ready with Hurling, Ceremony with a wig, a Guinness at the Pub,
Reception and Dinner on the Seashore and loads of wedding photos all across Connemara