Rike & Björn

A Wedding at
Weingut Weidenmühle in Flörsheim

Relaxed Summer Party in the Rhine-Main Area

Wedding portraits on the grounds of Weidenmühle winery
Wedding at Weingut Weidenmühle

I have been looking forward to the wedding of Rike & Björn for a very long time. These two have done everything to prepare a very chilled wedding - many dear people, a cozy location, a lot of relaxed mood, good atmosphere and a touch of boho.

It all starts in Wiesbaden for Getting Ready. Rike is next door at the hairdresser, while Björn gets ready in their apartment and right afterwards sets off for the wedding location, the winery Weidenmühle in Flörsheim.

Very important: Björn, do not forget the rings!

Bride getting ready at her home in Wiesbaden
Getting Ready in Wiesbaden

The wonderful old apartment shows no sign of the little misfortune that happened just yesterday while Rike and Björn have been preparing the gifts for the wedding guests.

Note to myself: When mixing green sauce pesto, make sure that the mixer is really well closed. #greenwalldecals

Wedding Dress with Boho Flair

Ready with her hair and make-up, Rike is already expected upstairs by her wedding dress upstairs - a dream in lace, vintage, boho or whatever. I have no idea of ​​fashion, but I simply love this dress!

Boho Vintage Wedding Dress hanging at a window
The wedding dress is already waiting
Bride getting into her Boho Vintage wedding dress
Rike on her way into the dress
Groom and wedding guests at the outdoor ceremony under a tree
Björn waiting for his bride
Bride on her way to the wedding
She's on her way

Immediately after dressing, we head off to the location, only 15 minutes away. The Weidenmühle is a pretty little winery, right in the middle of Rhine-Main area and yet like a small holiday in the South. There the wedding guests are already waiting - and a visibly nervous groom.


Free wedding ceremony in the gardens

The wedding takes place in the shade of an old tree in the spacious garden of the Weidenmühle. The branches provide shade and help against the summer heat. From a photographer's point of view, of course, a pity as there are crazy shadows on peoples faces, but it's definitely good for people's mood. So in a wonderful ceremony, accompanied by vocals and guitar, the two finally say YES.

Brautpaar mit Seifenblasen im Garten des Weinguts Weidenmühle
The newly wed - after a ceremony under the shade of a tree
Naked Cake for the wedding, with fruits and flowers
Naked Cake for the wedding

Reception with picnic atmosphere

After a walk through a sea of ​​wedding bubbles a delicious Naked Cake awaits us in the courtyard of the winery and the team of the Weidenmühle care for everybody with their great service.

Big and small guests are making flower wreaths and in one corner speed-artist Waldo draws great caricatures. There is juggling, painting, playing or just dozing on picnic blankets in the hot summer sun.


Seating plan thought differently - with Polaroids and Flowers
Seating plan thought differently - with Polaroids and Flowers
Relaxed atmosphere during a wedding reception in the courtyard of Weidenmühle winery
Relaxed atmosphere - reception in the winery's courtyard
Groom feeds bride with wedding cake
Tasty wedding cake
Bride fleeing from the summer sun - Portraits in the woods
Fleeing from the summer sun - Portraits in the woods

Wedding photos around the winery

The more than 10.000m² large area of ​​the winery Weidenmühle is a paradise for wedding photos - in any weather.

Harsh sunlight like today is great for the wedding, but not so funny if you are shooting wedding photos in the afternoon - one of the reasons why I always like to split the portrait session. With a few photos after the reception you are already on the safe side and have the freedom to do some freestyle stuff in the evening - ideally at sunset and with the best light. Just like today: In the afternoon sun we have a walk around the winery which offer countless beautiful possibilities for wedding photos.


Wedding photo with bride and groom on an old horse carriage - Endless possibilities for wedding photos on the grounds of Weingut Weidenmühle
Endless possibilities for wedding photos on the grounds of Weingut Weidenmühle

Show cooking and a few more wedding photos at sunset

In the evening there's show cooking in the barn waiting for us. Wedding on Weingut Weidenmühle means excellent food. It's as tasty as it looks. Though as a photographer you usually won't get between the bridal couple and their food, but when for dessert, the sun is slowly settling, you'll have to take them out into the field and to the vineyards. This is when the Rhine-Main area actually looks a bit like Tuscany.

Showcooking in the barn of Weidenmühle winery - goat's cheese get's gratinated
Showcooking in the barn of Weidenmühle winery
Wonderful evening light - portrait of the bridal couple
Wonderful evening light - portraits of the bridal couple
First dance to live music in the old barn of Weingut Weidenmühle
First dance to live music in the old barn

First Dance, G & T and Party

Back in the Weidenmühle, Rike and Björn finally rock the dance floor. A great live band, atmospheric lighting, some gin & tonic and of course party-savvy guests do the rest to make the evening a whole lot finer.


I can highly recommend weddings in the Weidenmühle.
Thanks taking me there!

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