Wedding photos in the fields of the Pfalz

Wedding at a Winery in Mauchenheim

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Wedding photos in the fields of the Pfalz

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A wedding ceremony in Kirchheimbolanden and reception at a nearby winery.

Some time ago there was this wedding in "Kibo" as the locals call their city, for the wedding of Anne and Thomas. Though unimpressive from the outside, the protestant church of St.Paul (Paulskirche) in Kirchheimbolanden is a real revelation from the inside. Just as the ceremony, held by a wonderful Reverend. There were many fine people, flower girls, tears, of course the local carnival society and simply everything a wedding photographer needs. After the ceremony we headed of to the Winery of the Fitting Family in Mauchenheim - Anne and Thomas in a beautiful old Mercedes. For the reception they had homemade cakes, lovely decoration and fine guests - the perfect foundation for a relaxed wedding. Old wines and fantastic live-cooking added to our comfort. And in between there was still enough time for wedding portraits in in the evening sun.

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Ev. Paulskirche // Amtsstraße 7 // 67292 Kirchheimbolanden
+49-(0)6352-7899368 // //

Winery of the Fitting Family // Erbengasse 2 // 67294 Mauchenheim
+49-(0)6352-4713 // //


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