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Wedding at Saareck Castle in Mettlach

| Dirk Weber | Weddings

Sophie's and René's wedding at Saareck Castle (Schloss Saareck), the guesthouse of renowned German company Villeroy & Boch's - with wedding photos in the park, at the Saar river, some great speeches, a lot of tears and awesome party
Bridal Couple with Saareck Castle in the background - wedding photos Schloss Saareck
Bride getting dressed with her bridesmaids - wedding photos Schloss Saareck
Getting Ready in the classy rooms

In Mettlach in Southwestern Germany hides a wonderful wedding location - Saareck Castle. Schloss Saareck in German is the guest house of the world-famous porcelain manufacturer Villeroy & Boch. The castle is surrounded by a large park that extends to the banks of the river Saar. Don't be fooled by the word “guest house” - Saareck Castle does not only bear the title castle, it really is one.

Recently on German Television

Some of you may have already seen Saareck Castle on television - on April 13, 20 the location was set of one episode of the popular German crime series called "Tatort" which basicall translates to "Crime Scene":  "The first case of the new Saarbrücken commissioners leads right into the network of a completely hostile industrial family in which everyone hates everyone. The younger of two brothers, who was to take over the family business, was murdered.” (Text: ARD) - the pretty good episode can still be watched online for a while: Tatort “Das fleißige Lieschen” available online at the ARD Mediathek.

Bride in the mirror wearing her beautiful wedding dress, blurred backside in the foreground
The wedding dress is ready - so is the bride

But Saareck Castle is not only perfect for TV, but also for a special wedding. And that was probably what Sophie and René had in mind when they decided to have their wedding ceremony and reception at this beautiful place.

Getting Ready in the Castle

Saareck Castle would not be called guest house if they hadn't got any rooms. The have.And they are wonderful: 22 lovingly furnished guest rooms are available. The Nanking room was reserved for bride and her wedding dress - extremely stylishly furnished, with a view of the park and the Saar. With the support of her girls, Sophie quickly found her way into her dress and still had enough time for a glass of sparkling wine. At the same time two floors below René and the boys had their own Bubbly and some sandwiches - you see, everything was very relaxed. And if you are getting married at Villeroy & Boch and still have a few minutes until the wedding ceremony, then literally have to take a quick wedding photo in the bathtub.

Bride in her wedding dress, lying in the beautiful bathtub holding a glass of bubbly - special shot to honor the Villeroy & Boch owned locationn
A glass of bubbly in the tub - yes, this is Villeroy & Boch

Wedding Ceremony in the Winter Salon at Saareck Castle

The wedding guests are already waiting downstairs in the winter salon, together with a now somewhat nervous René. No less nervous is Sophie, who is picked up by her father in her room and led to the wedding ceremony. What's to follow is a wonderful wedding ceremony with a lot of emotion, good music, quite a few tears and guests hanging on the couple's lips.

Bridal couple standing at the ceremony, with celebrant in the middle, in front of the fireplace in the winter salon of Schloss Saareck
Beautiful Wedding Ceremony at Saareck Castle
Bride being led to the ceremony by her father, looking happily to the left
Sophie being led to the ceremony by her father
Bride's hand reaching for the rings on a wooden plate with bridal bouquet in the background - wedding photos Saareck Castle
And now the rings

The whole thing is captured by the video team of Daniel from Privido Weddings. Together at this wedding at Saareck Castle, we actually managed not standing in each other's way, nor being in each other's picture - a great collaboration that was really fun and unfortunately cannot be taken for granted. Kudos to you guys! You're awesome!

Champagne Reception Among Moose

Afterwards, everybody meets up for a champagne reception in the main hall of Saareck Castle. The room with it's high ceiling and the surrounding galleries on the upper floors is quite impressive. Between sparkling wine and snacks, the wedding guests are hugging and kissing and finally can relax on the comfortable armchairs and sofas and browse through old books. In the neighboring room some are secretly filling ballons. And meanwhile the moose are watching from above. Moose? Yes, moose.

Kissing bridal couple in black and white
They said yes - Now kiss!
Wedding portraits with bridal couple in the foreground and Saareck Castle as beautiful backdrop - wide angle shot with blue sky and small clouds - wedding photos Schloss Saareck
Saareck castle being an impressive backdrop for wedding photos

Wedding Photos in the Park and on the Banks of the River Saar

For the portraits, we have a quick walk “around the blocks” as usual. At Schloss Saareck, it's really easy with the wedding photos. In addition to the wonderful castle itself, there is a well-tended park area - “Saarecks Ländchen” - on which you can really let go as a wedding photographer. A path through a small forest leads down to the Saar and you feel far away from everything, although the town of Mettlach is only on the other side of the river. So one photo follows the other, until the tight schedule brings an end to my enthusiasm for the constantly improving evening light.

Bride and groom dancing in the woods, beautifully backlit by the early evening light - wedding photos Schloss Saareck
Wedding portraits in the woods of "Saarecks Ländchen"
Bride with hands in the pockets of her wedding dress, looking at the river - wedding photos Schloss Saareck in black and white
Sophie looking at the river ...
Bride with hands in the pockets of her wedding dress, looking at the camera - wedding photos Schloss Saareck in black and white
... with her hands in the pockets of her dress
Bride standing in the forest with her hands in the pockets of her wedding dress, wide angle photo with tall trees against the light - wedding photos Schloss Saareck
Sophie standing in the forest - the grounds of Schloss Saareck offer so many opportunities for wedding photos

Dinner with Great Speeches and Great Feelings

It would have been a shame anyway to be late for this meal. First I would have missed the fantastic evening light comingt in from the windows. And the ambience of the historic dining rooms itself is also worth seeing. During and after the excellent meal, a series of great speeches creates great emotions - joy, laughter and quite a few tears.

Beautiful light for dinner in the elegant wood paneled dining hall
Dinner in the elegant wood-paneled dining hall
Brautpaar beim ersten Tanz im Kaminzimmer von Schloss Saareck
Happy wedding guests - two men and a beautiful woman in their middle studying the wedding menu
Happy wedding guests studying the wedding menu
Beautiful wedding decoration with flowers in the dining hall of Saareck Castle
Beautiful wedding decoration

Party in the Winter Salon

Once more we head back to the fireplace in the winter salon where the ceremony took place earlier that day. This room has changed massively in the meantime - because a wedding at Saareck Castle also means party. The room will be the dance floor for the rest of the evening. And as the dance floor opens, the newlyweds and their guests dance until their feet hurt. Everybody is in party mood - even the seniors -dancing the night away.

Partymood in the winter salon of Saareck Castle, Bridal Couple and guests dancing, backlight by flashes and partylighting
Dancing the night away in the winter salon

Wedding at Saareck Castle - Does it hit the Spot?

Absolutely! Saareck Castle is a dream location for a wedding. Don't be fooled by the wording “guest house”. Villeroy & Boch is not a nobody. The traces of the long company history can be seen in many places in the house - the walls are often decorated with antique porcelain from the production all periods of Villeroy & Boch making the rooms unique and emphasizing the noble ambience. I'm looking forward to the next wedding as a wedding photographer in Saarland at Saareck Castle.

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