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Hochzeit in der Wetterau und Frankfurt am Main - Hochzeitsfotos im Kurpark von Bad Nauheim
Arica & Bene

A Wedding in Bad Nauheim and Frankfurt

| Dirk Weber | Weddings

A civil wedding in the Bad Nauheim drinking spa and a wedding celebration in the "Dicke Butz" in Frankfurt's eastend

Hochzeit in der Wetterau und Frankfurt am Main - Hochzeitsfotos im Kurpark von Bad Nauheim
Brautpaar unter B├Ąumen im Kurpark von Bad Nauheim - Hochzeitsfotos in der Wetterau
Wedding photos in the Spa gardens of Bad Nauheim - in the middle of nature
Schwarzwei├čfoto von Br├Ąutigam beim Anlegen der Manschettenkn├Âpfe in der Wohnung - Hochzeitsfotos in Bad Nauheim
Getting Ready at home with the bridal couple
Beim Schlie├čen des Brautkleids - Nahaufnahme in Schwarzwei├č

Getting Ready at Home

If you live just a few minutes' walk from the registry office, you can also relax and prepare for your wedding at home - just like Arica and Bene. So we meet for their getting ready at their home - a cozy old apartment in Bad Nauheim's city centre. Mothers and groomsmen are already there and the mood - despite a certain nervousness - is great. When the two meet in the hallway for the first time, it's also time for the first tears.

Schwarzweissfoto von Braut mit tiefem R├╝ckenausschnitt beim Ankleiden mit ihrer Mutter - Hochzeitsfotos in Bad Nauheim
Mother of the bride helping her daughter with the wedding dress

Wedding Ceremony in the Drinking Spa in Bad Nauheim

Together we head for the nearby registry office in the drinking spa facility, where the first guests are already waiting for the couple. Fortunately, the wedding hall there offers more space than many others. So it can accomodate all guests and give them the chance to witness Arica and Bene saying "yes" to each other. Afterwards there will be a toast together - a cozy reception in the inner courtyard, right next to the historic concert stage.

Brautpaar im Trausaal der Trinkkuranlage Bad Nauheim, lachend kurz vor dem Ja-Wort
Waiting to say YES ...
Blick aus der Brunnenhalle der Trinkkuranlage Bad Nauheim in den angrenzenden Trausaal des Standesamts
... at the registrar's office in Bad Nauheim's drinking spa

Wedding photos in the spa gardens

Right beside the registry office are Bad Nauheim's spa gardens. There are plenty of options for great wedding photos - not just classic style with flowerbeds and the like, but also for creative shots in the middle of nature. Free-range spa guests with their wheeled walkers can also be observed and might photobomb one or the other photo.

Hochzeitsfotos im Kurpark Bad Nauheim - im Hintergrund kreuzt eine Gruppe Kurg├Ąste mit Rollatoren das Bild
Wedding photos with spa guests ...
Weitwinkelaufnahme von Brautpaar unter einem gro├čen Baum im Kurzpark von Bad Nauheim - in der Mittagssonne werden
... and among tall trees in the spa gardens of Bad Nauheim

A little break before moving from Bad Nauheim to Frankfurt

While we are on the way to take photos, the guests have some free time to enjoy themselves and go for a stroll in Bad Nauheim or Frankfurt - for a coffee or some window shopping in the city - before we meet again in the evening at the Dicke Butz in Frankfurt's eastend.

Before the last guests arrive at the wedding venue, we still have some minutes left. We wisely use them for a few more wedding photos in the streets behind the location. Wedding photos in Frankfurt offer a nice contrast to the photos we took in the park in Bad Nauheim - industrial look and urban flair offer a perfect setting.

Brautpaar vor historischer Tankstelle im Industriegebiet im Frankfurter Osten
Arrived in Frankfurt, we use the time for urban wedding photos with a lot industrial flair

Wedding celebration in Frankfurt

Delicious food, craft beer and a crowd of guests eager to party are waiting for us in the best mood at the Dicke Butz. While it's slowly starting to rain outside in the city, Arica and Bene, together with their guests, set the dance floor on fire. This is how a wonderful wedding in Frankfurt takes its course.

Around midnight the rain finally gets softer. And before I end my working day, there is a final photo to take: Arica and Bene pose on the rain-soaked streets of Frankfurt, which wet from the rain beautifully reflect the lights of the city. Wedding photos in Frankfurt are fun - even when it's raining. But we already knew that beforehand.

Schild der "Dicke Butz", Restaurant und Bar im Frankfurter Ostenend
Dicke Butz at night
Sonnenstrahlen fallen durch die gro├čen Fenster in den Innenraum der Dicken Butz - Industrial Look mit Brickwalls trifft auf liebevolle Deko
Evening sun casting it's light on the wonderfully decorated interiour of the wedding venue in Frankfurt
Weitwinkelaufnahme mit Blick von oben auf den Innenraum der Dicken Butz - tanzende Hochzeitsg├Ąste dr├Ąngen sich auf der Tanzfl├Ąche - Hochzeitsfotos in Frankfurt
Party on the dancefloor - wedding guests on the loose
Lachende Hochzeitsg├Ąste an einem Tisch in der Dicken Butz - Hochzeitsfotos in Frankfurt
Happy wedding guestes at the tables
Brautpaar kuschelt bei Nacht vor historischer Tankstelle. Auf der Stra├če spiegeln sich die Lichter eines vorbeifahrenden Autos. Hochzeitsfotos in Frankfurt am Main.
If there's rain on a wedding, that's good - for some urban wedding photos at night

Getting married in Bad Nauheim and celebrating in Frankfurt - a very good combination.

I've had weddings in the drinking spa quite often by now. Splitting the whole thing in two and adding a wedding in Frankfurt is rather rare though. Many couples seek to avoid longer transfers between locations as this may complicate things and mess up the schedule. But sometimes this has more advantages than disadvantages. It eases the day and guests can still relax for a coffee in the spa town, take a stroll in Frankfurt or take a dip in the hotel to freshen up for the wedding party.

If you are also thinking about a break in your wedding process, just get in touch. We'll definitely find a solution. And if your are interested below you can find many more photos from the wedding of Arica and Bene. They are literally just one click away.

Wedding Photographer in Frankfurt, Germany | Getting Married in the Wetterau and Celebrating in Mainhattan

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Wedding photos in Bad Nauheim and Frankfurt

Civil Wedding in Bad Nauheim, Wedding Photos in the Park and the Industrial Area, a Celebration at the Dicke Butz in Frankfurt's Eastend, Great Party and Wedding Photos with Rain

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