Wedding Photography Secret #1

Wedding Portraits in less than 20 Minutes?

Hold my Beer!

Wedding portraits may take significantly less time than bride and groom usually believe. With a fantastic couple you can get great portraits in very little time.

Plans are nice. Evening light is nice too. And if it's the plan to spend a lot of time with portraits in evening light, then I believe that's great. After all, there is hardly a better time for wedding photos than right before sunset. But bad luck if there's a delay in the schedule and dinner is calling, even before you started with the wedding portraits. So what's to do?


If dinner is calling, wedding portraits can be done comfortably in less than 20 minutes.

wedding photography secret #1

19 minutes and 52 seconds to be precise. Go for it. Because if the light is great and the couple is fine, that's no problem at all. On the contrary. Pretty much everything is better than having to do portraits in the midday sun. Incidentally, I am still very happy if I have my 45-60 minutes for portraits. But that's enough.

For the sake of completeness, we had a few extra portraits - sometime around 2 o'clock in the morning and not longer than 5 minutes.

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