Wedding Photography Secret #2

Daylight is Overrated

When light is already gone and the couple is still out of sight

Stuttgart Germany, rush hour. The plan: A short ride from the ceremony at Castle Solitude to Castle Rosenstein for dinner and before a few portraits in evening light. A decent plan. But like most plans it did not survive being confronted with the real world. Driving from there to here takes 20 minutes if you're lucky. Or it can take longer. Much longer. Especially during rush hour. And definitely if you decide to have a short detour to your home and then go via the Pragsattel (a local street being very infamous for it's horrible traffic). So it can happen that the wedding photographer sits at the location, watching the sun go down. In the park the lights get switched on, but still no signs of the bridal couple. They finally arrive when it's already quite dark. Whatever. Let's go for it and get some wedding photos!


Lion-hearted use of open apertures and higher ISOs permits portraits even then, when the bridal couple arrives for their portrait session long after sunset.

wedding photography secret #2

In the end it was like always in wedding photography. Nobody did notice and nobody did care. And as it all went well without light, we set off for a lot more photos in the darkness.

You just got to do it - that's the way it is in wedding photography.

And yes, it was quite dark already - f1.8, 1/30s, ISO3200

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