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A little (Wedding) Nature Guide

Of Wedding Photographers and Squirrels

And what they have in common

Squirrel at Work

The wedding high season is about to begin. And so the average wedding photographer is leaving his wintering grounds, where he has spent the off season with his gear acquisition syndrom and discussions in the web with wedding industry colleagues.

Time to illuminate a special wonder of nature: the parallels between wedding photographers and squirrels. The Red Eurasian Squirrel to be precise.

So what do wedding photographers and squirrels have in common?

First of all, both of them look pretty nice and cuddly (at least some of them). They work hard, are very nimble, can hide well and if necessary they climb fantastically.

And both are dependent on working a lot in summer so they won't starve to death in winter. Because despite their cute looks and all the love they put in their work, squirrels are, after all, mainly concerned about the nuts.

Gathering the winter supplies

What the nuts are for the squirrels, for us wedding photographers are the weddings. And they both become rarer and smaller in winter. Of course there are weddings in winter. And yes, winter weddings are unbelievably beautiful. Only - just like nuts - there are far too few to bring the whole wedding industry over the cold season.

In the end it's always about the nuts
Wedding Photographer at work

Saturdays in the wedding season

So it's easy to explain why we wedding photographers try to save the great Nutdays er Saturdays during the high season for larger wedding packages. Usually there are minimum booking times of 8 hours on Saturdays during that time of the year. Although this may be unconvenient for many bridal couples it's a reasonable decision. We just have to gather the nuts.

Because as we know from Game of Thrones:

Winter is coming.

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