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Brautrausch Wedding Photography - My "best nine" from 2019 on Instagram

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A packed year is coming to an end. And once again it was worth it. We had a great time and a lot of awesome photos. Here it comes, a little review of 2019 with my "Best Nine" from Instagram.
Okay, not everything you see here was in 2019, but who is looking so closely? ;)

Thanks to all of you who were in front of (and behind) the camera. Once again there's Jessi and David with their Adventure Wedding in Tyrol, Austria last year, Susanne and her helicopter pilot Andreas at Schlosshotel Kronberg, Jess and Lukas with their dream dog in the Taunus hills, Lorraine and Frank in County Clare, wonderful Rike in the woods, David and Basti in the harbor district, Catriona and Paudie in enchanting Bunratty and Felicity and her Australian crew who got married in the Wetterau. You're all awesome!

What you also need to know about 2019: We discovered our love for vanlife! Last summer we've been testing that kind of lifestyle in the Rheingau and in the Eifel areas. And as it's better to be safe than sorry, we spent some more weeks for in-depth-reviewing with a campervan in Ireland in autumn. The occasion was the wedding of our photographer colleagues Sabrina and Tobi in Connemara. And instead of just flying over, we went by campervan and via ferry this time. And of course, Hugo was with us - how could we possibly spend the night parking on lonely Irish beaches without our watchdog!? Be prepared for more info about that trip soon.

But now it's time for us to head off to Paris for New Years Eve - again with Hugo of course.

Have a Happy New Year! Bonne année! À la vôtre!

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