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Wedding Vendors I really like

There are loads of great wedding vendors out there - experts, makers and artists. But often they are hard to find. You won't recognize them by perfect websites and loud voices, but by their great work. And here you'll find my personal favourites:

Wedding vendors with passion and character, people of distinction, experts in their field. People who are fun to work with AND who give you the safety things are going to be perfect.

So these are the people I really like to work with and they have my warmest recommendations.

Recommended Wedding Vendors

Bridal Wear

Braut- und Abendmode
Angela Marion Stöckel
61440 Oberursel // Altkönigstraße 32
+49-6171-8943571 //

Hochzeitshaus Boos

Braut und Abendmode
68159 Mannheim // D3, 2-3 // +49-621-33931175
76135 Karlsruhe // Kriegsstrasse 214 // +49-721-94540454
70197 Stuttgart // Rotenwaldstrasse 152 // +49-711-34225227

Hair & MakeUp
logo nadine winkelmann
Nadine Winkelmann - Hair & Make up Artist

63303 Dreieich

MakeUp by Daniela

Daniela Riwoldt, Hair & Make Up Artist
35066 Frankenberg/Eder
+49-177-9741170 //

Speakers and Celebrants


Schatz, wir heiraten!

Simone Pfundstein, Rednerin & Zeremoniegestalterin
61118 Bad Vilbel
+49-152-28929347 //

Einfach JA sagen

Daliah Immel, freie Traurednerin
65197 Wiesbaden
+49-171-7847797 //

für immer immer

Christina Feix, freie Traurednerin
61267 Neu-Anspach
+49-176-99969931 //

Wedding Photography

Choose me! ;)
If not, have a look at my wife.

Saja Seus - Photography

61352 Bad Homburg v.d.H.
+49-163-7188910 //

Deutschland, Europa und auf der ganzen Welt

Wedding Cinematography


Privido Wedding

Daniel Pascale
Kaiserstr. 122 // 66133 Saarbrücken Scheidt
+49-151-15600620 //

Lumen Art Studio

Katharina & Daniel Haußmann
Rembrücker Weg 4C // 63179 Obertshausen
+49-176-20640420 //



Schneider's Photovan

(Harvey und Trudi)
69483 Wald-Michelbach
+49-6207-923126 //

Catering & Event


Dale’s Cake Café

Nerostr. 12 // 65183 Wiesbaden
+49-177-1745288 //


Luna Isabell Bauer
60314 Frankfurt a.M.
+49-151-40743674 //

Live Music


Nina Schubert

+49-175-2903664 //

AMPLITUDE – just acoustic

Pure Musik, mit Gitarre, Bass, Cajón und Gesang
Michael Arand, Martin Frydas, Veit Lamprecht
+49-160-96738978 //

Rolf Zwirner & Friends

Handgemachte, authentische Live-Musik - im Duo, Trio...
Auch unplugged für den Empfang
+49-6124-726697 //


Uli Fromm, Julian Schnorr, Danny Müller, Christoph Herber, Max Wagner, Peter Scholz, Christian Schnorr
Julian Schnorr //



Arne Moos, Roland Vanecek
+49-178-8078792 // +49-163-4910324 //




Marcel Gisbert
55232 Alzey
+49-176-32533233 //

Recipe for a good wedding

True for the marriage and true for the planning:
All depends on good partners!

Want to know more?

I'll be happy to tell you everything about why the right wedding photographer is so important for your wedding.

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