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 Dirk Weber
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Brautrausch [braʊtraʊʃ] is a German word, made-up from the words 'Braut' (= bride) and
'Rausch' (= a state of ecstasy), referring to especially the bride's ecstatic mood on the wedding day.

Whatever you are up to on your big day, I'll be there, treasure your story and provide you with simply great wedding photography. I'm going to capture your tears and your laughter, I'll be your solid rock when things get stressful, be part of the gang, party hard and cover your wedding day in stunning photos - honest, natural and unobtrusive.


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Special Deal for Irish Weddings

2,499 EUR for a full day wedding documentary - from your getting ready in the morning until late at night when the music ends. Plus animated photobooth at the party. Plus a few hours of additional after-wedding-portraits on the day after.

This includes all images, edited and in high resolution on a sleek USB flash-drive and an online-gallery for your guests, a 30x20cm album, full printing rights - no watermarks, no additional costs - 100% worry-free.

Yep I know, this is quite a number, but it's well worth the investment. Let's get in touch and I tell you why. It's strictly for weddings in Ireland only - so don't tell my fellow Germans, for they would kill for that rate.


wedding photos county clare, bunratty folk park

Let's get in touch!


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So why book a German wedding photographer?

Well, why not? I admit, this may sound weird in the beginning. But think about it for a while. You drive Volkswagen, every season you spot German tourists in their colourful outdoor clothing hiking around, it's the Germans who make the Jägermeister for your Jäger-Bombs, we love your pubs and your whiskey. And we too do know how weddings work. So why NOT book a German wedding photographer? Just do it!

Let's get in touch and have a chat over a Cider or two and let's remove your last doubts.
I promise that I won't bring Frau Merkel. ;)





 Hope to hear from you soon!

"Great wedding photography for really fine people.“

 Dirk Weber
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  • Wedding Documentaries

    Wedding photos that tell the story of your day. All the candid moments, tears and laughter. With these photos you'll be able to relive your big day, even many years from now.
  • Online Gallery & USB flash drive

    You'll receive several hundred photos - all edited and in full resolution on a sleek USB flashdrive plus a beautiful online-gallery for your guests.
  • After Wedding Session

    On the day after your marriage we meet up once more for some more portraits. That's the chance to catch the evening light at it's best or even go where you've never gone before. You have more time than on your actual wedding and you'll be more relaxed.
  • Animated Photobooth

    A small and stylish photobooth solution that creates funny little animations, ready to share on facebook. After your wedding they'll be combined to an awesome stop-motion slideshow to show all the mayhem at it's best.
  • Optional Wedding Albums

    We offer awesome wedding albums and coffee-table books. Flush-mount albums with thick pages and photographic paper or classically printed books with a decent feel of paper. Small books for couples on a budget to pure luxury and the smell of fine leather

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