Smiling on command!?
Not this time!

We all know the ones: the photos in the gold photo frame. On the one hand, a great reminder, but on the other, littered with stiff poses, stunned pale faces and forced smiles in those that don’t like to have their photo taken.

Guest photos in a photo booth are something quite different!

Here, it’s not the photographer that is in control: instead, your guests photograph themselves with the remote release. With your guests not being watched or forced to pose, you will get images that otherwise wouldn’t be possible throughout the evening. Lots of fun at any celebration!


The photo booth is essentially just a mini photo studio, on site at your reception - with professional studio lighting, of course. The idea originated in the U.S. and makes getting photos of guests a real event. It’s not just the kids that will be wanting their photo taken at the photo booth – it’s fun for guests of all ages.

All you need is a small corner somewhere at your wedding venue. Somewhere to sit is always useful, and accessories are the icing on the cake, but not essential. And if the available space is tight and the corner isn’t much to look at, or even looks a little trashy, all the better! That’s the photo booth charm!

The later the evening it gets, the wilder the guests become. Some real surprises are guaranteed!


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