Getting Married in Ireland

Weddings and Elopements on the Emerald Isle

Ireland, that's over 40 shades of green and 100,000 myths and legends, a sky that never looks the same twice and changes its appearance almost by the minute, rugged rocky landscapes and wild stretches of coast battered by the tumbling waves, innumerable pubs and romantic evenings by the peat fire. Ireland is Europe’s outpost in the Atlantic. All there is to the west is water...
And eventually New York.

And then there are the people who, despite the annual droves of tourists, are always welcoming, open and happy to help - with a touch of southern laissez-faire, a willingness to let what will be, and an ability to make the best of things - ppen to life and constantly discovering something new.

Weddings and After-Wedding-Sessions in Ireland - brautrausch na hÉireannWeddings and After-Wedding-Sessions in Ireland - brautrausch na hÉireann

Are you planning a Wedding or Elopement in Ireland?

Ireland offers the perfect location for your wedding and some extra-special after-wedding sessions or portraits. Wedding photos in Ireland mean fascinating landscapes, spellbinding moments and a very unique and dramatic atmosphere.

Exclusively for weddings in Ireand I have one special packing, including a fully day wedding documentary, motion-photobooth, wedding album and after-wedding session, as well as the promise to go the exra mile with you.

If you are planning to elope - with a bunch of your favourite people or even just alone - let's have a talk. Elopments in Ireland are my favourite!
And even if you are not getting married in Ireland, I am regularly touring the country for after-wedding sessions, engagement photos or unique portraits.

Let me be there with you!


Upcoming dates:

August 2019 - Southwest
October 2019 - West/Northwest
March 2020 - East/Northeast
August 2020 - West


More about that:

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