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There are loads of wedding photographers out there. And many of their websites look very promising at first glance.
But good wedding reportages are far from being an easy thing. So better take a second look.

In many portfolios you will find photos which indeed involve a wedding dress. But besides that they often have little to do with a real wedding. May it be the photos of bride and groom on a lonely cliff by the sea in the sunset, shot as part of an after-wedding session - pure portrait sessions often long after the actual wedding - or the so-called 'Styleshoots' - photos that make you ask yourselves what that couple's actually doing in a room full of fantastic deco, but without any guests. In the latter, you won't even need a real bride and groom in the photos - pretty models in wedding outfits are completely sufficient.

Photographers love things like that. Here you have a lot of time and a much greater control over all surrounding conditions, you can choose the most incredible venues, let your creativity flow and show what's possible together with other wedding vendors. The pictures speak for themselves - some fantastic shots that often also find their way into the wedding blogs (sadly sometimes in the category "Real Weddings"). And of course they can be a great inspiration for you too. No doubt about that.

How does a photographer perform under real wedding conditions?

With time pressure? Being forced to improvise? If the weather is unfavorable? If the bride is  nervous?  Or annoyed because of bad hairstyling or a guest having canceled at short notice? With uncles and aunts with cameras and iPhones fiddling behind the photographers back? With bad lighting in dark churches or horribly lit party venues? In portrait sessions long after sunset? ...
About that after-wedding sessions tell you just as much as styleshoots - simply nothing. And yet, that's exactly what will count later at your wedding. That's what makes the difference between getting the shot or losing your moment forever.

You deserve being able to assess what you can expect from your wedding photographer, which style and what kind of quality he will deliver. Therfore we'll have to make it easier for you to distinguish 'real' weddings from those pictures that were staged under 'optimized conditions'.

Here again for the record :
Styled shoots are NO real weddings. Never! And no, this isn't negotiable, even if the pictures wear the words 'real wedding' in the headline. ;-)

Here at brautrausch.de you can rely on the following:

realweddings redWhat we call a 'real wedding' IS a 100% real wedding!

This is your guarantee that these photos were all taken on real weddings - during the wedding day, with real wedding couples, real wedding guests and with the commitment and love for true wedding photojournalism. 'Real real weddings' so to speak. For you, this means more transparency and a better basis for your decision.

P.S. Of course you'll also find great after-wedding sessions here. We just call them by their name. ;-)


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